Interlock Blocks

Landscape elevation can be tricky, with building contractors having to identify the best location for roads and structures around difficult areas where steep slopes define the flow of the land. One of the most effective ways around this problem is to erect a concrete retaining wall to keep sloped areas from interfering with levelled-out areas where strong foundations will be laid for roads or other building structures. These retaining walls are a common sight on mountain roads in South Africa, keeping the soil from collapsing onto the roads and causing interference or damage. Using interlock blocks to build such a retaining wall gives you the ability to adapt the shape of the wall to fit the landscape, creating a customised structure that will not only suit the landscape like a glove, but also improve the integrity and strength to contain earth pressures. Let us have a look at some of the effective ways to build concrete retaining walls using interlock blocks.


The Piling Wall

Although the concept is usually applied using different materials, interlock blocks can be very effective when using a piling wall concept. As with laying an outdoor floor surface using interlock bricks for driveways, this concept can be seen as the vertical version of this, with concrete blocks being used to layer and fill the wall until the desired height is reached. The simplistic concept of building these interlock blocks straight up and stacking the rows on each other will require the wall to dig into the surface beneath for a strong anchor against the earth pressures constantly acting on it. A gravity wall concept can also be very effective, using the interlocking blocks to create a slope towards the bottom end of the wall that pushes back on itself for more overall support.


Our Available Interlock Blocks

If you are looking for a supplier of quality concrete blocks that can be used for interlocking and creating retaining walls, MVA Bricks holds the answer. Starting with a rectangular concrete version, our MVA 7 features an aesthetically pleasing finish at the front, granting an attractive appearance, once in place. This block can easily be interlocked with one another and is hollow to give it some versatility regarding landscape and soil installations. Should you be looking for a round concrete interlock block, the MVA 13 is ideal for your preferences. Featuring a unique shape that makes these blocks easily stackable, and even more easy to interlock with one another, you can be assured that the MVA 13 will deliver on everything you need in a concrete interlock block. For the ultimate design regarding interlocking, our Lok Block will soon be available and is specifically shaped to fit perfectly on one another and next to each other.

If you want more information regarding our products, feel free to peruse our website to find details and images, or contact us directly with any enquiries. When it comes to concrete interlock blocks, choose MVA Bricks and experience the quality of our products for yourself when you tackle your next big project.