How to Choose the Right Type of Building Paving Block

Choosing the Right Type of Paving Blocks

You have so many choices are everything when it comes to choosing construction materials. Apart from choosing the ideal tiles for floors and paint for interiors, other aspects come into play, and how to choose the right type of building paving block for the house’s exterior is not always easy.

Water drainage needs to be considered, as well as the natural slope of the land, to only name a two determining factors. Paving areas must be able to withstand the test of time. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the right type of building paving block before laying down the wrong bricks and wasting time and money.

MVA Bricks offers a selection building paving blocks to choose from and in a variety of colours to suit specific requirements and the surrounding area. Our selection offers a myriad of combinations, pattern options, and size choices to ensure that you get the ideal paving blocks for your next paving project. Whether it is a driveway at a home or a public walkway, we have what you need. Today, we will focus on the importance of knowing how to choose the correct type of building paving block and the determining factors.

How to Choose the Right Type of Building Paving Block

An important consideration when choosing a paving block is the slope at which the paving will be lain. Water drainage is important, especially in South Africa’s heavy-rainfall areas. Ideally, the paving slope should be as close to level as possible. This is accomplished by compacting the ground before laying the paving blocks. With a level paving area, water drainage can be better controlled without puddles forming. This is achievable through putting a subtle convex arch in the paving surface to allow the water to drain to the sides of the paved area.

Specific types of building paving blocks allow for better drainage as well. These blocks have draining holes that allow for easier drainage into the ground underneath the paved area as well. It is also necessary to keep the type of ground on which the paving is done in mind. Usually, the ground will be compacted to a certain extent for a more stable and even finished product. Compacted ground also assists the paved area in handling heavier loads.

MVA Bricks’ selection of building paving blocks starts with our Bevel brick. The Bevel is a standardised rectangular paving brick that is available in five colours. With a two-tone colour combination, various patterns can be paved with this paving block. The Bevel paves at 50 bricks per square metre and ships at 10 m² worth of paving blocks per pack.

If your business needs a quality paving-brick supplier that offers viable and attractive options, MVA Bricks is the answer. How to choose the right type of building paving block for your next project becomes easy with MVA. We also offer concrete retaining wall blocks and kerbs to round off our extensive selection. For more information, please browse our website for details on every individual block that we offer.