How to Build A Retaining-Wall Foundation

Building A Solid Retaining-Wall Foundation

The construction of any structure is reliant on the soundness of its foundation. If a house is built on a poor foundation, it risks eventual structural failure.

The same principle applies to the construction of concrete retaining-block (CRB) walls. CRB walls are used to keep natural slopes at bay and provide structures to ensure that these slopes do not collapse. For these walls to be effective, their foundations need to provide the necessary support. When a CRB wall collapses, the damage can be huge, so the risk has to be averted at all costs, starting with the foundation.

As with any other structure, a civil engineer is required to calculate the ideal way to approach how to build a retaining-wall foundation. The first step is to survey and establish the general excavation limits for the foundations or the planned wall construction. Should there be any curves and turns, they ensure that these are carefully planned for and dealt with in the calculations. Once the limits are set, it is time to excavate a trench in accordance with the civil engineer’s specifications.

If your intended CRB wall is no higher than 1,2 m, a well-compacted trench of 100 mm in depth will suffice. The engineer will also specify locations for drain pipes, which needs to be installed with a positive-gravity flow to function correctly. Positive-gravity flow refers to the angle of the pipes, with the pipe outlet is pointing downwards. This promotes the flow of water to the outlets for optimal drainage. Once these pipes are installed, it is time to add concrete to the trench. The concrete should be added according to the required strength and density, as set out and prescribed by the engineer.

The concrete ensures that the top level of the foundation is level. When dealing with a rotated top-level, the concrete should be cast at that level instead. Once the base foundation is set, the initial CRB row can be installed. That concludes the basics on how to build a retaining-wall foundation. Now, all you need is the concrete retaining-wall blocks.

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