How Precast Concrete Kerbs Help You Save Time and Money

The concrete kerb is an exceptionally important, yet often overlooked element of the city landscape. As one of the leading suppliers of concrete products, ranging from paving bricks to retaining wall blocks and kerb edges, MVA Bricks in Pretoria offers clients superior quality products and equally impressive service delivery.

View our range of concrete kerbs here to see what we mean when we claim that our products are of superior quality. These products are made for heavy-duty use and are thus strong, able to withstand knocks and are durable enough to last for many years.

Concrete Kerb

What makes our precast concrete kerbs better than on-site casting?

We manufacture the products to meet specific quality standards, using the wet-pressed method for maximum stability and strength. You benefit from using these as opposed to on-site production in terms of labour, time and money savings. Here’s why:

Standardised manufacturing for product consistency

Pre-cast units are standardised in the mix ratio, sizes, shapes in a grey colour, whereas with on-site casting, it is difficult to get the same quality control. This means not having the exact same mix batch after batch. Even one weak block can compromise the aesthetic appeal and strength of the edge. Rather than risk having to replace sections every few months or years because of improper construction, shape and size differences, buy our pre-cast, wet-pressed concrete kerbs.

Reduce project costs with faster installation

Labour costs involved with on-site production can considerably increase the cost of the construction, landscaping, urban design or road projects. Rather than using the workers to produce these units at the site, have the units delivered, ready for placement. This will save time, helping you to complete the project quicker and at a lower cost, while the workers can focus their attention on other tasks.

With on-site production, the other parts of the particular project cannot be completed until the concrete has set and dried. The precast sections can be placed using machinery or can be manually placed. The units are already dry. You are not limited by weather conditions and having to wait for drying before you can commence with the other parts of the particular project.

Complete work faster and reduce wastage

Where you have to wait for placement of the sections because other parts of the project must first be completed, you can do so without having to worry that the sections will perish. With site-casting, you have to consider wastage associated with cement becoming wet while stored and therefore hard and useless for the project, or the risk of sand been blown away, contaminated or stolen at the site.

Types of precast concrete kerbs available

We offer several types to suit your project requirements. The garden edge selection is perfect for landscaping, whether for residential or corporate. The mountable and semi-mountable types are suited for driveway entrances and pavements in estates where you don’t need to create a high barrier between the road surface and the walk area. Higher ones, referred to as barriers, are used as edges for roads to function in the following ways:

  • Create a clear indication of where the road surface ends, and the walk or paved area starts.
  • Prevent vehicles from leaving the road to travel onto walk areas.
  • Create edges for channelling water to the drainage sections.
  • Provide adequate support to the paved area.
  • Provide road structure support.
  • Prevent unauthorised parking on grass or any areas demarcated for other uses.

Where to buy concrete kerbs?

Whether you are looking for A garden edge, mountable, semi-mountable or barrier types, we have A selection of products to meet your needs. Our clients range from residential homeowners and landscape architects to developers, shopping centres, hospitals, mines and road construction firms. We are located in Pretoria, from where we are able to deliver the concrete kerbs throughout Gauteng. Get the best products at highly competitive prices. Talk to us about your product needs today.