High-Quality Concrete Blocks

High-Quality Concrete Blocks from MVA

Concrete is a versatile material that is very useful to manufacture building blocks of all shapes and sizes. Concrete building blocks can easily be reinforced with steel rods in the casting process, which is also a major benefit.

Concrete can be used for casting high-quality concrete blocks for various purposes and these include blocks for kerbs and retaining walls, both of which are commonly used for construction purposes. At MVA Bricks, we supply a selection of these high-quality concrete blocks.

Kerbing is an important part of paving and road construction. Concrete kerbs are generally used because of their ability to handle large loads and not give way under the pressure. Due to the compaction of the concrete, these kerbs can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. Usually, concrete kerbs are shaped to act as barriers and they must often be mountable. MVA Bricks offers a selection of both to choose from. We also offer different sizes and slope angles to ensure that you will be able to get the ideal kerb for your next project.

Retaining walls are used for several purposes. They are not only effective for containing natural slopes, but also for stormwater drainage on a construction site. Attenuation ponds are submerged into the ground and handy for stormwater attenuation as well. These ponds also support the growth of submerged vegetation. Retaining walls can be built in a myriad of configurations and a civil engineer usually oversees the design and layout of the planned retaining wall before it is built. As a result, the wall will meet the necessary requirements of integrity and safety.

MVA Bricks offers a selection of high-quality concrete retaining-wall blocks. Our blocks include the MVA 13, which is one of our most popular and versatile products. This block is rounded and hollowed-out with a concave side to allow for side-stacking construction. If you need a rectangular concrete retaining wall block, the MVA 7 makes for an excellent choice. This block features a raised face to prevent landslides and contain stormwater runoff. It is also compatible with our Slider Panel concrete block to create a closed-faced retaining wall if required.

Whether it is basic barrier kerbs or retaining-wall blocks for retention ponds, MVA Bricks has it all. Our selection of high-quality concrete blocks ensures that your business can use the ideal construction blocks for your next project. For detailed information on these individual blocks, please peruse our website. Choose MVA Bricks as your supplier of paving bricks, concrete kerbs, and retaining wall blocks today.