Garden Kerbs

Gardens bring a piece of nature to the concrete jungle of the city. They also spice up your yard with natural beauty and provide place for planting your favourite flowers or sapling trees. From a commercial point of view, public gardens and parks have always been part of society, with large gardens and parks to explore in every major city around the world. South Africa also features a plethora of public gardens and parks, bringing the beauty and serenity of nature to the busy and demanding city life.

Although these public gardens cannot be compared to those at our homes, they do share similarities, especially when it comes to plotting out garden walkways to avoid wayward feet from trampling delicate plants and flowers. Garden kerbs offer viable solutions for delineating walkways and lining the edges of gardens in general, as well as keeping the soil contained within a specific type of bedding by offering stability and a rectangular design to serve as a barrier. We offer a kerb designed specifically for garden use, giving you an ideal option for making a garden look professional and stand out from the rest.


MVA’s Garden Kerb

Starting with the basics, our Garden kerb has a rectangular, barrier kerb design for excellent functionality to support garden structures such as walkways and linings along garden edges. Our Figure 11 garden kerb is 75 mm thick and 150 mm tall, with a choice between two length variants of 330 and 1000 mm respectively. The 330-mm variant weighs in a 9 kg per kerb and ships at 144 kerbs per pallet, while the 1000-mm variant weighs 27 kg per kerb and ships at 48 kerbs per pallet. With both these variants to choose from and use in your next gardening project, you will have the means to create stunning walkways and edges for your garden, whether it is at home or in a public park setting.

MVA Bricks offers a variety of other kerbs as well, with a selection of barrier and mountable kerbs to choose from. Our range of kerbs are complemented by our range of paving blocks and retaining wall blocks for a comprehensive approach to any concrete block and paving brick solution for your business. For more information on our available products, feel free to peruse our website for details and images on every block, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

Choose MVA Bricks for your next construction project and take advantage of our wide selection, including various colours and length for our paving blocks and our mountable, barrier, and garden kerbs.