Garden Kerbs

Kerbs for Your Garden

Garden kerbs are useful for lining walkways and flower beds in public gardens or at home. Kerbs are more than just aesthetic additions to roads and walkways.

These concrete blocks are useful to keep paving blocks in place and avoid any unwanted movement that can compromise the evenness and integrity of the paved area. Therefore, concrete kerbing blocks play an important role when used to line roads, footpaths, and paving.

MVA Bricks offers a selection of concrete kerbs in a variety of sizes and designs, including garden kerbs. Our range also includes mountable and barrier-kerb variants to ensure that you will always be able to find the right kerb for your requirements. Today, we will focus on the importance of kerbing and how garden kerbs can be used in conjunction with paving blocks in your garden. We will also highlight some of our own products and their uses in building garden walkways and footpaths.

Garden Paving and Kerbing Solutions

Large gardens often have footpaths meandering through them. Many public parks and private gardens use concrete blocks for a variety of aesthetic purposes and even to improve drainage. When it comes to designing the layout of a large garden, a footpath with proper kerbing will not only avoid people treading into the flower beds, but also create a clear walkway that is comfortable to use. Public botanical gardens offer an enjoyable outdoor experience and one is less likely to find garden kerbs in such a setting. One would be more likely to see retaining walls and retention ponds in such gardens, which are both products that we also supply.

Garden walkways can be either solidly cemented or make use of concrete paving blocks. In either case, there is a need for garden kerbs once the footpath is finished. Grass offers good natural water drainage, but in areas where more water tends to collect, it is useful to be able to control and direct its flow. With a stacked or solid surface, a small barrier kerb is ideal for handling this problem. Barrier kerbs are rectangular in design and serve not only as a kerb keeping paving blocks in position, but as a low wall for directing run-off.

MVA Bricks offers the Figure 11 Garden Kerb. This concrete block is 150 mm tall and 75 mm wide. It is available in 1000- and 330-mm lengths to ensure that you can effectively kerb paving areas without the need to cut up a large block to fit the radius of a curve. The 330-mm variant weighs 9 kg per block and ships at 144 blocks per pallet. The 1000-mm variant has a weight of 27 kg per block, shipping at 48 blocks per pallet. This garden kerb is designed to be partly submerged for a more stable result.

We offer a wide selection of paving bricks, concrete kerbs, and retaining wall blocks. As a result, you will have a variety of construction blocks and bricks to choose from. For more information on the Figure 11 Garden Kerb, feel free to browse our website for details on dimensions and shipping information. Choose MVA Bricks today for all your paving and concrete-block solutions.