Functions of Paving and the Advantages of Using Concrete Pavers

Although aesthetics is an important reason for the installation of paving through the use of concrete pavers, such paving serves several purposes as discussed below.

Protection of the underlying surface area

Wind, rain, vehicles driving over the area, and foot traffic cause weathering of a surface if it is not covered by a solid and well-compacted overlay. Constant usage of the area quickly leads to uneven drive or park areas. This is especially true with sandy surfaces. The elements certainly take their toll even on hard compact surfaces, not protected by a solid layer such as possible with concrete pavers.

Indeed, with the washing away of the soil surface, erosion follows. The erosion also poses a risk to the surrounding structures including ponds, boundary walls, swimming pools and landscaped features. Paving thus serves to protect surrounding structures and the underlying surfaces against elements related to load bearing, traffic and weather.

Solid drive and parking surface

Uneven drive and parking surfaces pose a risk for the users. Pedestrians can step into holes or indentations in the surface, causing discomfort or even injuries. Vehicles operating on such uneven surfaces are exposed to unnecessary wear and tear. Potential risks to the vehicles range from tyre punctures and wheel rim damage to strain on the shocks. Heavy vehicles can end up stuck in sandy areas. Solid, even surfaces that can handle the particular load and traffic are thus essential. To this end, proper installation of the appropriate concrete pavers provides for the ideal solution.

Reduce dust and mud in the area

Indeed, paved areas help to keep areas free from sand and mud. Sand particles are easily blown into buildings during windy days. Rainy weather causes unpaved areas to become muddy. The splash-back of the muddy water causes excessive dirt collection on the vehicle bodies. The installation of concrete pavers thus helps to create a cleaner outdoor setting at a particular property.

Low maintenance drive and park area

Keeping compact surfaces neat can be labour intensive and repairs may be costly. Instead of simply applying loose gravel or planting grass on a large parking area, concrete pavers can be installed. These pavers don’ require new protective coats every few months. It is easy to keep the paved area clean.

Aesthetic appeal

Of course, the stunning and stylish look and feel that can be attained through concrete pavers is not something to ignore. Whether for residential or commercial areas, paving is the solution if you want a robust, yet, attractive surface that can add value to a property. With our wide range of concrete pavers, we make it possible to create high quality drive, walk and relaxation areas that are pleasing to the eye.

Concrete pavers offer distinct advantages:

  • Highly durable and thus able to withstand extreme traffic and weather.
  • Low maintenance and low cost of ownership over the lifespan of the product.
  • Superb load-bearing capacity.
  • Versatile as many surface designs can be created through the various colours and placement.
  • Non-slip surface which makes it perfect for wet weather driving or walking.
  • Repairing a damaged paver doesn’t involve the removal and replacement of the entire section.
  • Installation is relatively quick in comparison with many other types of surfaces.

When it comes to quality concrete pavers, you want a supplier that offers excellent services, a wide range, superior quality and equally impressive pricing. Luckily, we meet each of the requirements.

Our range of concrete retaining wall blocks and kerbs are the perfect fit to complement the paving. Our clients range from large building contracting firms to DIY owner-builders, all with appreciation for the range of colours, sizes and styles of our pavers and related products.

We offer a comprehensive selection to meet thickness, durability, size and shape requirements. The range of colours makes it possible to select pavers to match the surrounding structures or to create aesthetically pleasing patterns.

In conclusion

Paving serves several functions as discussed herein and when you use SABS approved products as available from us, you also have the assurance of quality. View our range of concrete pavers and get in touch for a quote or help in the selection of the right product for your project.