Figure 8a Kerb

Concrete kerbs are used to frame and finish off roads and paved areas, with many kerbs being mountable to allow vehicles and people to comfortably drive or step onto the kerb. Kerbs also help with drainage on roads and paved areas to keep rainwater from collecting where standing water can be a hazard or inconvenience. Using concrete to make kerb blocks ensures that these blocks have strong structural strength and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, whether it is harsh weather conditions or tons of weight being forced onto them.

Concrete Kerbs

Various kerb designs allow for various approaches to bordering paved areas and roads, with mountable kerbs usually being more popular than barrier variants in commercial and residential areas. At MVA Bricks, we offer a wide selection of concrete kerb blocks and designs, including our Figure 8a kerb that features a mountable design and is ideal for almost any environment. Today, we will focus on the Figure 8a kerb and how it can be of use when implemented as a border for your next paving project.


The Figure 8a Kerb


Most kerbs feature a rectangular base shape from which they are moulded into a barrier or mountable design, depending on whether the kerb is meant to be mounted or be a barrier instead. Barrier kerbs also assist with drainage by forming a barrier for rainwater to be directed to the proper drainage channels.

The Figure 8a kerb has a rectangular base that measures 1000 x 300 mm and is available in a shorter 330 x 300 mm variant as well, to allow for the smooth finishing off of edges and curved sections, like at the entrances of parking lots. The block’s rear height is 150 mm, with its front lip being 50 mm tall to grant a mountable slope with a low, gradual incline to make mounting easier. The 1000-mm block weighs 73 kg and ships at 12 block per pallet, while the 330-mm variant weighs 24 kg and ships at 36 blocks per pallet.

MVA Bricks also offers a variety of other mountable and barrier concrete kerbs that are ideal for use in commercial or residential environments, including our garden kerb that can be used to outline garden paths and driveways in parks or in your own yard at home. Our kerbs are SABS-certified and will last many years, thanks to their structural integrity; we use the best quality concrete to cast these blocks, giving you the peace of mind that our concrete kerbs will serve you well into the future.

MVA Bricks offers a wide variety of concrete kerbs and paving bricks to choose from, with a selection of concrete retaining wall blocks in our arsenal as well. Should you want more information on our products, feel free to peruse our website for images and block dimensions, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks as your paving brick and concrete block supplier for future construction projects and take advantage of our quality products today.