Concrete Retaining Walls

CRB Walls and Their Use

Concrete retaining walls are commonly used on construction sites and in projects that have to make provision for elevation changes and the containment of natural slopes.

Concrete retaining blocks, or CRBs, are used to construct these walls. They can also be submersible to create retention ponds and other water-drainage solutions for construction sites. These walls are very effective at roads that run alongside cliffsides and mountains. They control and embed the slope of the land next to the road to reduce the risk of landslides collapsing onto the road.

Although the basic function of a concrete retaining wall is to retain a natural slope, they are used for building submersible retention ponds and for aquacultural purposes as well. The concrete blocks are very dense, so permanent contact with water will not affect their shape or structure. Therefore, submersible plants, such as algae, can be grown in such a pond. The blocks provide the necessary structure for these pants to grow in, while retaining the integrity of the pond and containing the water in it at the same time. MVA Bricks offers a sensible selection of CRBs for retaining-wall construction.

Our CRB Selection

Concrete retaining-wall blocks are designed to be heavy and sit in place firmly once they are laid, but they always need a concrete foundation that covers the whole area of the wall. This foundation should be of sound construction to effectively contain a slope. Our first block is the MVA 13, a rounded, hollowed concrete block. This block is commonly used for its aesthetic appeal, as it creates an attractive-looking retaining wall against any slope. With its rounded shape, the openings in the blocks can be used as small flower beddings as well.

If the appearance of the wall is less important for the specific construction project, we also offer a rectangular solution in our MVA 7. This concrete retaining-wall block can be used to construct open- and close-faced walls, as it has a raised front panel. We also offer the Slider Panel block with the MVA 7 for filling the gaps in a retaining wall that is built with the MVA 7 block and turning it into a closed-face wall.

Finally, we offer our Lok Block. These CRBs are perfect for fitting into each other to create a continuous slope. It can also be used to create an upright retaining wall. This block can be used in conjunction with the Base Block, which creates a solid foundation from which the Lok Block can be stacked. In conclusion, if you need a selection of CRBs, MVA Bricks can deliver what you need for your next construction project. These concrete retaining-wall blocks are strong and dense to deliver quality and durability in the face of variable weather conditions.

MVA Bricks is a supplier of quality, SABS-approved paving blocks, concrete kerbs, and retaining-wall blocks. For more information on our CRBs, feel free to browse our website for details and specifications. Let us be your supplier of concrete blocks and paving bricks for your next project.