MVA 13

Concrete Retaining Wall

When it comes to constructing concrete retaining walls, various layouts and methods can be used for the most effective results, with a variety of concrete blocks and panels available to get the desired aesthetic results as well. Concrete retaining walls are ideal for keeping sloped ground in place, preventing landslides that might obstruct or damage roads or buildings that are built next to or below a concrete retaining wall. This style of construction is very popular for road construction and a common sight when travelling on mountain passes across the world.

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

It can also be used in residential construction, with rounded blocks being used to create stunning aesthetics and keep a slope intact. Should you be looking for a supplier of concrete retaining wall blocks, MVA Bricks offers a selection of blocks to choose from, along with a wide variety of paving bricks and concrete kerbs to complement our selection of retaining wall blocks. Today, we will focus on our range of concrete retaining wall blocks and how these blocks can be the ideal addition to your next big construction project, whether it is for securing sloped faces next to busy roads or adding some aesthetic value to a residence.


Our Selection of Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks


We start with the MVA 13, which is a concrete retaining wall block that is rounded in shape and hollowed out to allow soil to sit within every block. The MVA 13 also features a concave side to allow for side interlocking and grant a more integral look once a retaining wall is built with this concrete block design. Perfect for creating an aesthetically pleasing result, the MVA 13 is ideal for residential use as well, with every individual block having the potential to host plants or flowers to create an aesthetically pleasing concrete retaining wall. The MVA 13 weighs 32 kg per block and ships at 36 blocks per pallet.

Should you be looking for a rectangular as opposed to a round shape, the MVA 7 is a standardised concrete retaining wall block with hollowed-out sections and a block face to make construction of a retaining wall fast and easy. The MVA 7 is ideal for interlocking from any direction and is a perfect choice for industrial use, including road construction. This concrete block can also be used with our Slider panel blocks to fill gaps for a closed-faced finish of the concrete retaining wall, once the construction is complete, making it look professional and well-executed. The MVA 7 weighs 38 kg per block and ships at 36 blocks per pallet. Our selection of concrete retaining wall blocks will ensure that you can construct the ideal retaining wall to not only suit the specific environment, but also look professional and attractive, once completed.

MVA Bricks offers a wide selection of concrete blocks for kerbs and retaining walls, as well as a variety of paving bricks that are available in various designs and colours. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks today and let us be your brick supplier for your next construction project.