Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete retaining walls are commonly used in areas where elevation changes shape the landscape, with prime examples being roads on mountain passes where concrete retaining walls are necessary to keep the slope of the mountain in place and to allow for a road to safely run on the face of the mountain without the risk of boulders and soil falling onto the road or road users.

These retaining walls can also be used where buildings have to be constructed next to natural slopes, ensuring that the foundation is level and safe from any land movement from the slope that might damage the structures.

As a result, concrete retaining walls do more than just provide a sloped wall at cliffs or mountains, but also allow for safe road and building construction, without the risk of the slope collapsing on the construction project. These walls can also add aesthetic value to a property, with various concrete-block designs to deliver specific results. Today, we will look at MVA Bricks’ selection of concrete retaining-wall blocks and how they can work to your benefit when you use them to build your next retaining wall.


Our Selection of Retaining Wall Blocks

Using concrete to cast these blocks results in strong structural integrity for every block, which is critical to the overall retaining wall’s integrity as well. These blocks have hollow centres to allow for ground movement within the blocks themselves, absorbing any surface changes and providing a viable and safe solution for sloped-wall constructions.

We start with the MVA 13, a rounded concrete retaining-wall block design that features a concave side to allow for horizontal interlocking between blocks. With its hollow centre, this block provides an aesthetically pleasing result, making them ideal pots for vegetation, to only mention a single aesthetic advantage that the design offers. With a flat back, the MVA 13 is strong, yet easy to use when building a concrete retaining-wall construction. It has overall dimensions of 340 x 425 x 225 mm and weigh 32 kg per block for a solid and effective concrete block. It ships at 36 bricks per pallet.

Should you be looking for a rectangular option, the MVA 7 provides such a design with two hollow sections to allow for a slightly different approach to constructing a concrete retaining wall. The MVA 7 features overall block dimensions of 470 x 180 x 300 mm, with a addition of a 210-mm face to the block to add to its aesthetic appeal and to make it suitable for adding our optional Slider Panel if you want to construct a close-faced concrete retaining wall. Weighing 38 kg per block and shipping at 36 blocks per pallet, the MVA 7 provides an ideal rectangular retaining-wall block to use for a plethora of retaining-wall construction projects in almost any setting.

MVA Bricks offers viable options if you are looking for concrete retaining-wall blocks, as well as a wide selection of paving bricks and concrete kerbs to choose from. For more information on our products, feel free to peruse our website for pictures and specifications on every block, or contact us directly.