Since entering the concrete retaining block (CRB) wall market MVA Bricks has won at least half a dozen major CRB wall projects in Gauteng and Mpumalanga, in addition to supplying numerous smaller projects.

Production of the MVA-7 and the MVA-13 blocks began in June last year and the introduction of  the LokBlok to be launched in September this year.

MVA’s first major order was the new Cummins Southern Africa Regional Distribution Centre and Filtration Plant development in Waterfall Park, Midrand, when 26 000 MVA-7 blocks were delivered. These were used in the construction of a CRB fill-wall facing for a large building platform.

Since then MVA has delivered MVA-7 blocks to several other major retaining wall projects:  the Courier Guys Phase 2 distribution centre development in Kya Sands (24 000); a new Builders Warehouse in Midrand (19 000); a new industrial park on the R21 near Oliver Tambo International Airport (12 000); a new industrial park in Nelspruit (8 000); and toThulamahashe Plaza, some 200km from Nelspruit (3 400).

The MVA-7 has a flat face and was designed for economical open-faced wall construction. As its name suggests, it is generally used on the basis of seven blocks per square metre, although this can be increased to a 10-block configuration when required. Generally used on wall faces of between 60˚ and 75˚, the MVA-7 can be modified for 85˚ walls. This scenario occurred on a section of the Cummins project where space constraints and the accommodation of an attenuation pond at the footing of the wall called for a steeper wall angle.

The MVA-13 has a rounded half-moon face and is designed for upmarket commercial walls in closed-faced designs. A heavier block, it has a much greater load-bearing capacity and can be deployed in walls with wall face angles which vary between 60˚ and 90˚.