A Concrete Paver’s Paradise

Concrete paving has always been a big part of residential and commercial construction, with various innovative and creative ways to go about paving driveways, parking lots, and similar surfaces. With a variety of shapes and colours being used for various concrete paving blocks, the sky is the limit with regards to the paving patterns and shapes that can be created.

Should you be in the concrete paving business and looking for a place where you can find a selection of paving blocks and kerbs to choose from, MVA Bricks is that place. We offer a variety of shapes and colours to make life for concrete pavers easier in terms of brick and kerb options, as well as retaining wall blocks available for construction purposes. No matter which industry you are in, if you need any form of concrete paving blocks, kerbs, or retaining wall blocks, MVA Bricks can supply them for you. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at our range of paving blocks for sale.


Blocks for All Concrete Pavers

We have five styles of paving blocks to choose from, each available in a range of colours to give you the freedom to be creative and get aesthetically pleasing results. Starting with the most simplistic design, our Bevel model offers a rectangular shape with a bevelled top to smooth out the edges, granting a smooth surface that is ideal for walking and driving on. The Bevel’s dimensions are 50 × 100 × 200 mm, available in our five standard concrete paving colours – Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi. The Bevel ships at 50 bricks per m², and at 10 m² per pallet.

Should you be looking for a wider paving brick, our Cottage model offers the same design as the Bevel, with a wider block. The Cottage’s dimensions are 50 × 150 × 200 mm to make attractive walkways for residential yards, while it is also being viable for driveways, as it has a smooth surface. The Cottage ships at 33 and a third bricks per m², with pallets of 10 m² per pallet.

The Cottage adds Clay Sand and Dark Sand to the colour choices, granting you more versatility regarding paving options. Concrete pavers also love the Interlock model, granting a design that can be interlocked from each side, with a smooth top to deliver a surface that is suited to to walking and driving on. The Interlock is available in a 50-, 60-, and 80-mm size, with the 50 and 60 taking 48 blocks per m² and shipping at 10,5 m² per pallet, while the 80 ships at 7,5 m² per pallet. The Interlock is available in the same five standard colours as the Bevel, making it a viable alternative for concrete pavers.

For a grippier surface, concrete pavers can turn to our Twin Cobble design, offering a rectangular shape with two cobbles on top. The dimensions are 50 × 100 × 200 mm, laying at 50 bricks per m² and shipping at 10 m² per pallet. The Twin Cobble is available in the default colours and can be used as an alternative brick to the Interlock or Bevel.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure.