Concrete Pavers Gauteng

We Are A Supplier of Quality Concrete Pavers in Gauteng

If you are looking for a supplier of quality concrete pavers in Gauteng, look no further. We have a wide range of bricks that are available in different colours to suit the job at hand.

Our comprehensive range covers different styles and sizes to give you a sensible choice. We also offer kerb blocks to go along with the pavers, should they be needed to frame the pavedarea. Such areas include parking lots, driveways, and garden paths, to only name a few.

As suppliers of concrete pavers in Gauteng, we understand the level of quality that is expected from such building materials. Therefore, we utilise the strength of concrete to cast our bricks, kerbs, pavers, and CRBs. This composite building material can be cast in the appropriate density to ensure ample strength and effectively limiting shrinkage and thermal expansion. It is also used to create slabs and foundations for buildings to sit on. We offer bricks and pavers that can create stunning patios, driveways, and parking lots for your home or business. You can rely on our products to offer superb quality and durability.

So Many Choices

Our standard brick is the Bevel. This brick has a standard-sized rectangular shape. We offer it in various colours as well. This gives you the option to go for multi-colour patterns. It also lets you choose a colour that fits with any adjacent buildings or the surrounding area. Gauteng experiences wildly varying weather; therefore, by choosing concrete bricks, you can minimise the effects of thermal expansion. It takes 50 Bevel bricks to cover one square metre and ships at 500 bricks per pallet.

If you want a more heavy-duty option, we present the Interlock. This concrete brick is available in 50-, 60-, and 80-mm thicknesses to carry heavier loads. The sides of the brick are also uniquely shaped to allow for interlocking between the bricks. Therefore, they are less likely to move and shift once they have settled. The Interlock is available in five colours. We also offer other options for walkways and gardens to ensure that you have a comprehensive selection to choose from when shopping with us.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of concrete pavers bricks in Gauteng. Our selection includes standard sizes and various colours to allow you to create the perfect surface at your home or business. For more on these bricks, please browse our website for pictures and specifications.