Concrete Pavers

We Manufacture Top-Quality Concrete Pavers

Concrete is a versatile material with which to cast building blocks. The density of the material can be controlled to produce the strength to accommodate specific loads.

When you are looking for pavers from professionals who can deliver quality workmanship with quality products, MVA Bricks is your answer. We offer a large variety of pavers in a selection of colours to ensure that you can create the ideal surface at your business or home. We also feature special products such as the Braille Block to accommodate special requirements.

The most commonly used brick is the standard-sized rectangular type. With this specific brick, you can create a wide array of possible patterns and layouts, especially when adding a second and third colour. We offer such a brick in our Bevel, which is a top choice for professional pavers. Since our bricks are cast using concrete, you can expect exemplary toughness and resistance to the elements. The density of the bricks makes them hard and durable, able to resist dynamic forces for years on end without buckling under the pressure or looking weather-worn before their time.

Businesses and homes have parking lots and driveways for cars. These areas are commonly paved to offer a solid surface to park and drive on. By using concrete pavers as opposed to conventional bricks, the surface will be stronger and able to carry more weight. Our Bevel has the standardised dimensions and shape of a regular paving block. We also feature a range of variants based on this standard size and shape. This broadens the possibilities of the finished surface to accommodate your needs and preferences even better.

Our Interlock is a concrete paving brick that has notched sides to allow for secure interlocking between bricks. This brick is available in three thicknesses, namely 50, 60, and 80 mm. If you need a heavy-duty brick that can withstand constant heavy loads, this is an ideal choice. We also offer the Cottage, which adds 50 mm to the width of the standard Bevel. This brick is ideal for garden walkways. We also offer our specialised Braille Block that has a unique surface design.

MVA Bricks is your first choice in concrete pavers for your business or home. We offer a wide selection of paver blocks, kerbs, and concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) to choose from. For more information on how we can supply you with quality building materials for your next project, please browse our website for specifications on our available products.