Concrete Pavers

Quality Concrete Paver Bricks

Concrete pavers are bricks commonly used for creating a suitable surface for parking lots, walkways, and driveways. The resulting surface is customisable with patterns and layouts when using pavers of multiple colours.

Different types of block faces also produce various surfaces, whether it is virtually smooth, cobbled, or optimised for drainage. MVA Bricks has a variety of paver blocks to choose from, ensuring that you can get the right bricks in the ideal combination for your next project. You can even match the blocks’ colour with the surrounding environment for a more aesthetically attractive result.

By using dense concrete to mould these bricks, our products offer unparalleled quality and versatility to match your needs. Our variety enables you to pave in various styles and layouts, with most of our blocks having interlocking functionality. Whether you want to lay them linearly, perpendicularly, or diagonally, the choice is yours. We also offer kerb blocks that can line the paved surface area and keep the blocks in place. Using high-density concrete to manufacture these blocks gives them an excellent resistance to the effects of temperature changes and moisture.

Our Selection

Starting with one of the most popular concrete pavers in our range, the Bevel is a trustworthy and industry-standard block. It has a standardised rectangular shape, with a smooth bevelled face to create a comfortable surface for walking, driving, and parking. The Bevel measures 200 x 100 x 50 mm and with its 50-mm thickness, it is ideal for driveways and sloped areas. It weighs 1,92 kg per brick, lays at 50 bricks per square metre, and ships at 10 m² worth of bricks per pallet. It is also available in five distinct colours for patterned layouts.

The Twin Cobble is a variant on the Bevel, offering a cobbled face to result in a grippier surface. This type of concrete paving brick is ideal for walkways and parking lots. The dimensions match that of the Bevel and it is a touch heavier. Our Cottage brick is another variant on the Bevel but it is 50 mm wider and available in two additional colours. This brick is ideal for garden walkways and filling larger areas. It lays at 33,3 bricks per square metre and ships at 10 m² worth of bricks per pallet.

If you need more robust concrete pavers, our Interlock variant is a feasible option. This block has interlocking, notched sides to keep the bricks firmly butted up against each other and in place. They are also available in 50-, 60-, and 80-mm thicknesses to produce a very strong surface. The Interlock lays at 48 bricks per square metre, with the 50- and 60-mm versions shipping at 10,4 m² worth of bricks per pallet and the 80-mm version coming in at 7,4 m² pallets. As you can see, our selection guarantees that you will find an ideal block for your next project.

MVA Bricks is your first choice in concrete pavers, kerb blocks, and retaining-wall blocks. For more information on our products, please browse our website for details and specifications on the individual blocks. Choose us as your supplier today and enjoy our range of top-quality paving products.