Kicked to the Kerb

Concrete kerbs are commonly used to line the sides of roads in urban and residential areas for a clear separation between the pavements and the roads. These concrete kerbs vary in shape and size, depending on the specific requirements as an outline for specific sidewalks. As a good example, you could use mountable kerbs where the pavement offers parking space, and regular barrier kerbs where the pavement is covered in grass or gardens. If you are looking for a supplier that offers various shapes and sizes to choose from, MVA Bricks is where you will find them. Let us have a closer look at the inventory.

Barrier Concrete Kerbs

Used for residential areas, in conjunction with mountable versions for driveways, our selection of barrier kerbs will serve any contractor well. We start with the Figure 10, which is a concrete kerb that presents a standard rounded rectangular shape, with a total height of 250 mm and a thickness of 100 mm. The length of these blocks can vary between 330 and 1000 mm as per your requirements. For a thicker option, the Figure 2 offers a similar design with corresponding length and height parameters, while the overall thickness of the block is increased to 125 mm. As a result, you will have a sturdier concrete kerb that can withstand harsher conditions and provide more durability. Both models are SABS–approved and will offer strong integrity and stability, once installed.

Mountable Concrete Kerbs

If you are looking for a strong mountable concrete kerb that has a forgiving slope that is easy to mount, the Figure 8a is the ideal one for you. Its slope begins at a 50 mm height, increasing to 150 mm, and with a thickness of 300 mm to provide a shallow slope that can easily be mounted by vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. The Figure 8b offers a similar design, with an increase of 25 mm to the overall height to provide a slightly steeper slope. Our Figure 8c model further increases the overall height to 200 mm, with the slope starting at 100 mm for a bigger and more robust look for a mountable concrete kerb. We also offer a semi-mountable kerb that has a height of 280 mm, should you be looking for a taller option.

At MVA Bricks, we can accommodate our customers with a selection of concrete kerbs, paving bricks, and retaining wall blocks that can be easily interlocked. For more information, please peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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