Concrete Kerb

The world of paving and road construction will always require kerbing to ensure that roads and paved areas have proper drainage, apart from bordering these areas for a professional finish.

Our Selection of Concrete Kerbs


Concrete kerbs are used in paved areas to keep everything neat and allow for specified rainwater drainage paths along the edges of these areas, which is also useful on roads to avoid pools of standing water forming and posing a potential danger.

Concrete is specifically used to cast these kerbs to ensure that they are robust, as well as strong and durable enough to handle various weather conditions and loads, with two distinct designs that can be found in MVA Bricks’ line-up of concrete kerbs. We offer a choice between barrier and mountable designs, giving you viable options in both departments and various sizes to choose from. Our concrete kerbs complement our selection of paving bricks and retaining wall blocks, going perfectly with either to grant a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish to paved areas, roads, and garden walkways. Today, we will have a brief look at some of our concrete kerbs.

Starting with the barrier design, we offer a selection of tall rectangular concrete kerbs to choose form, making for the ideal barrier kerbs to use for guiding rainwater to their proper drainage channels. These kerbs are not mountable. Our barrier kerbs range from the smallest Figure 11 Garden kerb that is only 150 mm tall to our Figure 3, 5a, and 5b kerbs, offering a barrier kerb that is 300 mm tall. We also have mountable kerb designs, allowing for load-bearing kerbs that make for ideal borders for roads and paved areas.

Depending on your desired incline, our mountable concrete kerbs offer anything from a low, sloped incline that can easily be mounted by vehicles to a semi-mountable version that has a more vertical slope and acts as a barrier kerb on the bottom half of the design. Our concrete kerbs are all SABS-certified and available in different length variants (1000 mm and 330 mm) to allow for a variety of finishing possibilities.

MVA Bricks offers a wide selection of kerbing and paving options and solutions, with a couple of concrete retaining wall block designs to choose from as well. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for dimensions and colour options, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Chose MVA Bricks today and let us be your trusty paving bricks and concrete block supplier for all your future projects.