Concrete Blocks

When travelling on steep mountain passes, chances are that you will encounter a retaining wall along the way. These walls are usually made up of a structure of concrete blocks stacked on each other to create a clear separation between two soil levels, with the bottom level usually being the flattened piece of soil that supports the road. Even though these retaining walls are a common sight on mountain passes, they can also be used to create wider open spaces for laying bigger foundations for building structures in areas where slopes and undulations abound. When it comes to finding the ideal concrete blocks for these retaining walls, MVA Bricks offers a couple of solutions to our customers that will not only be aesthetically pleasing once complete, but also very strength, while saving you valuable time.

The Importance of Interlocking

An old saying goes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the same concept can be applied to retaining walls using interlocked concrete blocks. The importance of interlocking comes down to the shapes of these blocks, where they must accommodate one another to such an extent that the integrity of the structure is stronger because of it, improving the structure’s ability to deal with various pressures. Normal bricks are usually made to adhere to each other using cement, but with retaining walls, cement is not an option, as these walls are usually shaped according to the slope and landscape around them. As a result, using strong interlocking concrete blocks is much more effective and provides much more resistance against earth pressures from elevated soil.

At MVA Bricks, we offer different shapes to choose from, starting with the MVA 7. This concrete block offers a rectangular shape with an aesthetic finish to give the block an attractive appearance to the interlocking structures. They weigh in at 38 kg per block and are supplied 30 blocks per pallet. Our MVA 13 model delivers a rounded finish with a unique shape to make them easy to interlock with each other from the sides, as well as stacking them on top of each other. These blocks weigh in at 32 kg per block and is supplied 32 blocks per pallet.

For more information on our available interlocking concrete blocks, feel free to peruse our website for images and further details. Please contact us directly with any enquiries and take full advantage of our quality products for your next construction project. Let MVA Bricks be your trustworthy future supplier of bricks and concrete walls.