Concrete Blocks

Concrete has been an ideal casting material for construction purposes since its introduction, with good density to resist erosion, making for strong and versatile solutions for various uses in the industrial and commercial sectors.

With a list of benefits being attributed to concrete, various construction blocks and other structural members are routinely being cast in concrete today, also allowing for steel reinforcement rods to be added in some applications for extra strength and integrity, as well as for oddly shaped or heavily loaded structures.

At MVA Bricks, we also use concrete to cast a selection of concrete blocks that are ideal for kerbing and retaining-wall construction. Using a wide range of designs for our kerbing solutions, you are bound to find the ideal concrete kerb block for your next construction project, whether you require a mountable solution or a block that acts as a barrier for structural purposes. Today, we will cover a couple of our kerbing solutions and highlight how these concrete blocks can work to your benefit when using them in your next construction project.

Starting with our standardised barrier design, our Figure 10 concrete block offers a barrier kerb that is ideal for half-submerged use thanks to its 250-mm height. The Figure 10 is 100 mm wide and available in a 330- and 1000-mm lengths to allow for an accurate and smooth edge, even on curves. The 330-mm variant is a concrete block that weighs 19 kg per block and ships at 60 blocks per pallet, while the 1000-mm variant weighs 57 kg per block and ships at 20 concrete blocks per pallet.

Should you be looking for an easily mountable option, our Figure 8a concrete block design offers just what you need, delivering a concrete block that is 300 mm wide and 150 mm high, with a shallow slope to allow for easy mounting. Also available in 330- and 1000-mm length variants, the Figure 8a kerb makes an ideal solution if you need mountable kerbing, providing strong concrete blocks that are perfect for framing paving slabs, roads, or parking lots.

MVA Bricks offers a wide selection of concrete blocks for sale, including our comprehensive choice of kerbing blocks. We also offer concrete retaining-wall blocks to provide viable options for constructing sloped retaining walls. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications on every single concrete-block design, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose MVA today as your concrete-block supplier and take advantage of our wide selection.