Concrete Blocks for Paving: Top Reasons to Love Them

It has been a while since you’ve properly paved your driveway, patio, entertainment area, central outdoor mall space, parking lot or estate road. At this stage, you wish you went with segmented concrete blocks, specifically designed and made to last longer.

The decrepit state of the current surface makes you feel embarrassed to have visitors. The cracks and holes in the surface are so big your visitors can see the layer below, and the uneven ground is a fall or trip risk. With sections being very slippery when wet, you risk vehicles sliding during the rainy season, while the slippery surface also poses a trip and fall hazard. Apart from the surface being an eyesore, it is hazardous, difficult to maintain, and costly.

Solution: Concrete Paving Blocks that will Look Radiant for Years

As a prominent supplier of paving bricks in Gauteng with years of experience in the manufacturing of SABS approved products, we understand your surface paving needs. We offer durable and attractive paving in a range of shapes and sizes, fit for residential and commercial applications. These pavers are made to last for decades due to the superior quality materials, design and manufacturing process we apply.

Advantages of these Segmented Concrete Blocks Include:

  • Easy to install without heavy machinery as the pavers are lightweight in design.
  • No need to add cement mix as the interlocking design ensures a tight fit.
  • Rough surface texture provides for superb traction, making these suitable for installation at areas where surface water can cause a slip and fall risk or pose a slide action risk upon braking with a vehicle.
  • Can remove a single brick or a section of the concrete blocks without causing damage to the surrounding surface.
  • Can re-use the concrete blocks at the end of the surface lifetime or when you want to change the appearance of the surface.
  • Can create unique surface patterns to improve the aesthetic appearance or to match the surrounds.
  • Several colour options enable you to select the colour that is best-suited for the area where you want to install the paving.
  • Durable surface provides for an excellent return on investment.
  • Low cost of ownership with little to no maintenance requirements.
  • Spend minimum time to keep clean.
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive road surface options like tarred roads.

Segmented Concrete Blocks are Well-Suited for a Wide Range of Applications

These pavers can be used for applications ranging from roads, intersections, and outdoor mall areas to pavements, pathways, parking lots, and verandas.

Available Types

We have a history in the supply of paving products dating back to 1995. With two decades of supply to companies, contractors and DIY enthusiasts, we know what works and what doesn’t. Our consultants have product expertise and will gladly help you choose the right pavers for your particular project. We have supplied products for installation at schools, hospitals, clinics, warehouses, shopping centres, and more. See our portfolio of completed projects here. Our range is comprehensive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bevel
  • uBuntu Cobble
  • Twin Cobble
  • Interlock
  • Cottage
  • Stock Brick

You can choose the colour of choice from:

  • Grey
  • Plum
  • Black
  • Clay
  • Multi
  • Clay sand
  • Dark sand

Get Products Delivered to Your Door

Our paving concrete blocks are SABS approved. We deliver throughout Gauteng. Whether you want a bulk supply for a warehouse distribution centre or want a smaller order to pave your driveway, we go all out to meet your product needs. Choose a paver option that suits your traffic bearing, finish and surface texture requirements. Learn more about our range here.