Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks for Construction of Attractive Commercial Retaining Walls

We are a trusted supplier of concrete blocks in Gauteng. Our first major order for concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) – used in the building of retaining walls – was for the Cummins Southern African Regional Distribution Centre and Filtration Plant. We delivered 26 000 MVA 7 concrete blocks for the construction of a large retaining wall.

We have, ever since, delivered concrete blocks to numerous large retaining-wall projects, including Courier Guys Phase 2, which is a prominent distribution centre in Kya Sands. We delivered 24 000 units to the project. Another large order entailed the delivery of 19 000 units at the Builders development in Midrand, while 12 000 were delivered to a new industrial-park development on the R21. Concrete blocks were also delivered to two sites in Mpumalanga of which one entailed the delivery of 8000 and the other, 3400 CRBs.

Why the MVA 7 Concrete Block Is Ideal for Retaining Walls

The flat-faced design of the MVA 7 makes it an economical option for open-faced retaining-wall construction. On average, seven CRBs are used per square metre. That said, it is possible to create a configuration of 10 such units per square metre where needed. The MVA 7 is suited for wall faces of between 60 and 75°. CRBs that have an angle of 85° are also available as an option. We deliver the MVA 7 at 36 per pallet.

When to Use The MV-13 Concrete Blocks

These CRBs are heavier per square metre of built wall than the MVA 7 and feature rounded half-moon face designs. The MVA 13 blocks are often used for chic commercial wall settings that feature closed-faced designs. The MVA 13 can also carry a heavier load and is suitable for use in wall construction where the wall face angles are between 60 and 90°. Delivery of the MVA 13 is also at 36 per pallet.

The CRBs are modular units; this means the units can be placed in different configurations to create a strong and aesthetically appealing retaining wall. The CRBs can be placed at angles ranging from 60 to 90°. Whether for cut slopes, embankments, commercial walls, or attenuation ponds, these units are economical, with superb load-bearing capacity.

Factors that affect pricing include the angle of wall construction, its height, accessibility to the work face, whether it is an open- or closed-face installation, and whether MVA 7 or MVA 13 is used. We offer the products in various colours, giving the client more options to create unique wall structures that fit in with the surrounding landscape or buildings.

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