Concrete Barriers

We Supply Concrete Barriers

Concrete is a very versatile and strong building material. It can be cast into different shapes to create a variety of building blocks. These blocks can be paving bricks, kerbs, and concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs).

Since the material can be cast very densely, the end product is extremely strong and durable. Specific standards must be met in terms of the quality of building blocks. At MVA Bricks, we supply a large selection of such building materials, including kerbs that can be used as barriers – and you will be pleased to learn that they are SABS-approved.

As a supplier of building materials, we strive to deliver the best quality for our customers. We also offer a wide selection of paving bricks in different shapes and colours. Therefore, you can combine multiple colours to create attractive patterned layouts for paved areas. With our variety of kerbs, you can ensure that your paving job is neatly and professionally framed and finished off. We also offer a selection of concrete retaining-wall blocks that can form vertical barriers to keep natural slopes in check. Today, we will focus on our kerbs.

Kerbs of Different Shapes and Sizes

Kerbs are commonly used to line roads, walkways, and paved areas. Although they seem like nothing more than just an outline at first glance, they do more than just being borders. First, concrete kerbs keep a paved area’s bricks in place. Second, they help with water drainage and runoff during the rainfall season, especially the high barriers. Finally, they are designed to be heavy and buried partially in the ground as opposed to just sitting on top of the surface. Therefore, they are stable and can handle substantial loads once in place.

Our Figure 10 concrete barrier kerb is an ideal example of a simple and effective shape for this type of block. It is 250 mm tall and 100 mm wide, with a choice between 1000- and 330-mm lengths. The 330-mm variant weighs 19 kg per block and the 1000-mm option 57 kg per block. The Figure 10 is a beefy and robust block with a clean design. Its shape, weight, and size make it a perfect candidate to use for a strong barrier along paved areas and roads. It can also be used for parking lots and garden walkways.

If you need an even more sturdy solution, our Figure 2 (13) increases the width of this block to 125 mm for an even heavier and stronger block that can resist even higher loads. Our Figure 3 is perfect for submerging the bottom half of the block into the ground, with a slanted face projecting above the ground. This is one of the more attractive concrete barriers available. Each block weighs 33 kg and they ship at 36 per pack.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of concrete building materials. We offer a wide selection of paving bricks, kerbs, and retaining-wall blocks to choose from. For more information on our selection of barriers andkerbs, please browse our website for details such as images, dimensions, and pallet sizes. Choose us for all your building-material needs and get quality construction blocks for your next project.