How Precast Concrete Kerbs Help You Save Time and Money

The concrete kerb is an exceptionally important, yet often overlooked element of the city landscape. As one of the leading suppliers of concrete products, ranging from paving bricks to retaining wall blocks and kerb edges, MVA Bricks in Pretoria offers clients superior quality products and equally impressive service delivery.

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Six Incredible Benefits You May Have Forgotten About Block Paving

Pavers have been around for a long time. By now you most probably have seen every style and colour, but if you haven’t yet installed block paving, you will want to know why it’s a better option than asphalt, cement, pebble or gravel. Considering the aesthetic appeal of pavers, it’s hard to think of any reason not to install these at your estate development, shopping complex, school or home.

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How Skimping on Price for the Sake of Winning a Tender Risks the Integrity of a Retaining Wall

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality, but if a product is priced below market price, you must ask where the manufacturer has skimped on quality. Any architect or engineer knows that for a construction project to be successful and the results to last for years, quality materials must be used. This also pertains to the materials used in retaining walls.

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Retention Wall

Top Benefits of Installing Retention Walls

If you plan to give your garden a facelift, think about the value of a retention wall. It can be both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional. Consider installation if you have a steep slope and want to prevent soil erosion or a landslide during the rainy season. This type of structure can be installed in any area where there is a high lying area adjacent to a lower lying area, such as a parking lot at the foot of a slope.

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Concrete Kerb

Why Wet-Pressed Precast Concrete Kerbs for Road Construction Projects?

Concrete kerbs serve several important functions in road, garden, and building construction, some of which are:

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Concrete Pavers

Top Benefits of Concrete Pavers for Drive and Entertainment Surfaces

Whether you want to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor braai area next to the swimming pool, hope to create a one-of-a-kind patio, or want to ensure a neat driveway, concrete pavers are the perfect materials.

With segmented paving blocks as available from us, it is possible to create a durable, even, and weed-free surface. Indeed, such paving blocks are now widely used for pavements, walkways in open malls, and even as street surfaces in estates. Parking lots feature the neat concrete pavers, as do driveways, entertainment areas, and more.

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