Retaining Wall: Why Price is Not the Most Important Factor to Consider

Retaining wall blocks are modular concrete units that are placed in a specific arrangement to create a retaining wall. The blocks are laid at angles ranging between 69 and 91 degrees to create strong structures. Applications range from cut slopes to attenuation ponds and embankments. Due to the blocks manufactured beforehand, installation is economical and rather quick compared to the construction of alternative structures. Read more

Brick Pavers

Choose the Right Supplier of Brick Pavers in Gauteng

When it comes to functionality, aesthetic appeal, longevity, and cost-effectiveness, brick pavers win the race for the best paving materials. Whether for parking lots, garden walking areas, or estate roads, quality brick pavers are strong enough to handle the traffic, whilst also creating neat walking and driving paths.

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Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks for Construction of Attractive Commercial Retaining Walls

We are a trusted supplier of concrete blocks in Gauteng. Our first major order for concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) – used in the building of retaining walls – was for the Cummins Southern African Regional Distribution Centre and Filtration Plant. We delivered 26 000 MVA 7 concrete blocks for the construction of a large retaining wall.

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Retaining Walls

Introduction to Two Types of Concrete Blocks for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are constructed from specially manufactured concrete retaining-wall blocks, also known as CRBs. We mould the blocks from concrete for optimal strength and the correct density for soil and water retention. The concrete blockscontain hollow areas to allow sufficient soil and water movement.

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Interlocking Bricks

8 Advantages of Interlocking Bricks for Paving Projects

The unique shape of interlocking concrete bricks is what makes it possible for the blocks to fit perfectly. Here are some of the best reasons to use interlocking bricks for paving of areas that range from roads in residential estates to parking lots, patios, and pause spaces in corporate office parks.

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