Building Materials for Water Drainage

Building Materials for Water Drainage

Water drainage is an important part of every construction project. South Africa has several areas that experience heavy rainfall and as a result, water drainage is important for almost all types of construction projects.

Specific structures, such as retention ponds, are also useful solutions for stormwater retention and containment on construction sites. When it comes to paving, water drainage can be a determining factor in selecting the appropriate paving blocks. The slope of the paved area will also influence its water drainage.

Building materials for water drainage include specific paving blocks, kerbs, and retaining-wall blocks. Kerbs are commonly shaped to serve as barriers and they can aid in water drainage. Barrier kerbs guide stormwater runoff to designated drainage areas along roads and paved areas. Mountable kerbs are also useful for helping drain stormwater, but serve the double purpose of also being mountable by vehicles if this is required. MVA Bricks offers a selection of barrier and mountable concrete kerb blocks. These blocks are handy building materials for water-drainage purposes.

Concrete retaining walls are often used for stormwater-drainage purposes. Submerged retaining walls, also called retention or attenuation ponds, are necessary on construction sites to retain stormwater. These ponds are also useful treatment ponds to promote the growth of submerged vegetation on the wall itself. In this instance, the retaining-wall blocks form a vegetation-friendly shoreline to promote plant growth. Retaining walls can also be handy structures for water drainage and containment in general. MVA Bricks offers an essential selection of building materials for water drainage in terms of our available retaining-wall blocks. Our selection of retaining-wall blocks include rounded and rectangular shapes, as well as useful add-on blocks to choose from.

In terms of paving bricks, MVA delivers a wide selection of choices too. Our Bevel brick has a rectangular design with a bevelled top. This brick is available in five colours that opens up a variety of possible paving patterns. We also offer thicker and larger paving block options. Certain paving projects require specific building materials for water drainage and therefore, we also stock our Braille Blocks and Stock Bricks. These paving bricks have cavities to improve water drainage.

If you need a supplier of quality building materials for water-drainage purposes, MVA Bricks offers workable solutions. We stock a selection of paving bricks in various colours, along with concrete kerbs and retaining-wall blocks. For details on our products, feel free to browse our website for specifications, dimensions, and weights. Choose MVA Bricks today and take advantage of our all-encompassing selection of building materials for water drainage.