Brick Pavers

A Wide Selection of Brick Pavers

Paving bricks are used to create paved surfaces for roads, walkways, and industrial areas, to only name a few of their applications. Brick pavers can combine different colours of paving blocks to create specific patterns and 2-tone results for an attractive appearance.

Quality paving blocks will result in durability and even surfaces that will stand the test of time. These blocks must also have high load capacities to carry parked and moving vehicles. Therefore, finding a supplier of quality paving bricks for their paving projects is important for brick pavers.

MVA Bricks offers a selection of SABS-approved paving bricks. We also feature a selection of concrete kerbs and retaining-wall blocks for construction purposes. Brick-paving projects may require a variety of layouts. These projects may also require specific block shapes to utilise the area more efficiently. Fortunately, brick pavers have access to a viable selection at MVA Bricks. Not only do we offer different shapes and sizes, but different colours as well. Today, we will delve into our selection of paving blocks to give you a general idea of what to expect when choosing MVA Bricks as your supplier.

A Variety of Paving Blocks

Whether you need a standard brick with a smooth surface or a cobbled brick with squared sections, MVA Bricks can meet your requirements. Our selection begins with the Bevel, offering a standard rectangular shape with a smooth, bevelled face. The Bevel is ideal for a plethora of paving surfaces, creating an even surface for walking and driving. This brick’s dimensions are 200x100x50 mm and it is available in our five standard colours, these being Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi, offering brick pavers several attractive options for 2-tone patterns.

The Cottage is a wider brick, increasing the Bevel’s dimensions to 200x150x50 mm. It also adds two additional colours to choose from, namely Clay Sand and Dark Sand. The Cottage is ideal for garden routes, walkways, and parking lots, covering larger areas per brick in comparison to the Bevel. For a square paving brick, the uBuntu Cobble offers an option with dimensions of 150x150x60 mm. This brick is thicker, granting it even more strength. The uBuntu Cobble is available in two colours: Grey and Black.

Our Twin Cobble paving block offers brick pavers an option of a cobbled surface as opposed to a smooth one. The Twin Cobble features a rectangular design with its dimensions at 200x100x50 mm. The face features a distinct double-square cobble to result in a rougher surface that promotes overall grip. This brick is ideal for sloped paved surfaces, granting more stability and grip. We also have a couple more options, including the Interlock brick for interlocking solutions.

We specialise in supplying a variety of paving blocks, concrete kerbs, and retaining-wall blocks to meet your construction requirements. For more details on our products, browse our website for information and specifications on every available brick type that we offer. MVA Bricks offers viable solutions for brick pavers and construction contractors. Choose us today and take advantage of our selection of quality concrete construction blocks.