Brick Pavers Gauteng

Get High-Quality Concrete Brick Pavers in Gauteng

Concrete is a composite material that is commonly used for construction purposes. This material can be cast into many shapes. We utilise the properties of this material in the selection of building materials that we can supply for your business.

We offer brick pavers that are cast from concrete and available in a variety of colours to match your preferences or the surrounding area. Gauteng gets really hot in the summer, which means that the pavers’ thermal expansion also has to be controlled.

Our selection of brick pavers is accompanied by a range of concrete kerb blocks. These blocks can be used to frame a pavedarea for a more aesthetically pleasing result. This will also limit the effects of thermal expansion that could cause the blocks to move. If your business or home requires a new driveway, parking lot, or walkway, we can supply the pavers to make it a reality. Today, we will go over some feasible options.

Choosing the Perfect Brick

Gauteng has many business buildings and residential areas where paving bricks are used to create solid surfaces for walking, driving, and parking. Therefore, the quality of the building blocks must be on par for a business or homeowner to consider them. Luckily, we have a wide choice that will cater to the needs of both. Our Bevel block is of a standard size, shape, and thickness to deliver a feasible option for almost any terrain. It is available in several unique colours as well. This allows the option for multi-colour patterns or matching the colour of the environment.

We also offer the Interlock brick. If you want a paver for an area that should be able to handle higher loads, the Interlock is ideal; while the Bevel is only available in a 50-mm thickness, while the Interlock adds 60- and 80-mm thicknesses to the list. Also available in a selection of colours, the Interlock is an excellent choice for a heavy-duty surface. Our Cottage block is 50 mm wider than the Bevel and this results in an ideal block for gardens and walkways at your home or business. This block is available in two additional colours as well, giving you even more options for an aesthetically pleasing surface.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of paver blocks in Gauteng. We also have concrete kerbs and retaining-wall blocks to round out our selection of concrete building materials. For more on how we can supply your business, please browse our website for dimensions and images on our available blocks.