Brick Pavers for Large Businesses

Bricks Pavers for Any Paving Job, Large to Small

Large businesses use brick pavers to lay parking lots and walkways at their offices. Big, unused spaces can be transformed into useful parking areas in this way and paved walkways link the parking lot to the office entrance.

You need a supplier with a wide range of paving bricks to choose from, with a range of colours and, therefore, possible patterns to create any result. MVA is that one-stop supplier and we offer our brick pavers in several colours to cater to your needs.

By utilising unused space outside an office building, large businesses can capitalise on brick paving to expand the available parking for clients and employees. Certain paver blocks offer a thicker body to withstand bigger loads such as vehicles and they are ideal for creating such a space at your office building. We offer standard sizes, with a range of colours to allow for various patterned layouts and 2-tone finishes. Today, we will glance at our selection and highlight the functions and features of our products. From heavy-duty vehicle parking lots to garden walkways, we have you covered, so to speak.

Professional brick pavers prefer to work with building materials that meet the industry’s quality and size standards, making it easy to create paved areas for large businesses. The Bevel is a standard rectangular block with straight sides and a bevelled top. This block creates a smooth surface that is ideal for walking and driving on. This block measures 200 x 100 x 50 mm and lays at 50 blocks per square metre. It is available in five colours to allow for patterned layouts when combining various colours into the design. Ideal for diagonal and linear layouts, the Bevel is a solid choice.

If you need a paving brick for large areas that can handle more load and offer more grip, the Interlock is ideal. Often used by businesses for parking lots, the Interlock is designed to handle more load by offering a thicker block and interlocking sides to keep the blocks firmly in place. This block is available in 50-, 60-, and 80-mm thicknesses. With the bricks’ interlocking sides, the paved surface will be strongly integral and resist any movement.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of paving blocks, concrete kerbs, and retaining-wall blocks. Businesses largeand small can choose from a variety of colours to blend in with their office building or natural environment. For more information on the available variants and colours, please browse our website for details on every paver block that we offer.