Block Paving

Paving blocks are commonly used to create driving and walking surfaces in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Whether it is the parking lot outside your office building or the driveway at home, block paving offers viable solutions for durable and sturdy surface areas in almost any location.

Due to block paving’s versatility and a many available options in terms of the finished product’s surface, it has grown in popularity, with various examples to be seen just by driving home in the afternoon and looking at parking lots, walkways, and residential driveways.

Patterned and 2-tone block paving can also be done by adding a second brick colour, resulting in stunning public walkways that are not only durable, but also aesthetically pleasing. We offer a wide selection of paving-block designs and various colours to get the desired results for your next paving project and today, we look at some of the bricks that are available in our selection and how they can provide viable options for block-paving projects. Starting with the basics, you also have to decide whether you want bricks that interlock with each other or not, which may be necessary in some applications for a stable surface.

Should you desire a smooth surface, the Cottage paving block is a large brick for covering larger areas and can be finished in 2-tone patterns as well. The Cottage offers overall brick dimensions of 200 x 150 x 50 mm, weighing 3,02 kg per block and laying at 33 and a third block per square metre, translating to 100 blocks per 3 m². The Cottage ships at 10 m² of bricks per pack and is available not only in our standard choice of five colours, namely Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi, but in an additional two colours, which are Clay Sand and Dark Sand.

We also offer the Bevel design, which delivers a standardised paving block size that is 50 mm narrower than the Cottage and is available in our standard five colours to give you several style options for smaller surface areas. Should you be looking for a rugged surface, our Twin Cobble brick features a cobbled face that allows better grip when wet, making for an excellent option for paved walkways. Our selection of paving block solutions does not end there, with several solutions available for any block-paving project, as well as concrete kerbs for framing and concrete retaining-wall blocks for when the landscape has elevation changes to stabilise.

Choose MVA Bricks as your paving-block supplier today and take advantage or our comprehensive range.