Block Paving Suppliers

Suppliers of Concrete Paving Blocks

As block-paving suppliers, we offer a wide range of concrete building materials to ensure that you can create stunning driveways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces.

We have an extensive selection as well, covering standard and larger bricks that are available in different colours and thicknesses. Whether you want to create a new parking lot at your business or a footpath through your garden, we have the necessary building materials to get you there.

By using concrete as our base material to cast our paving blocks, we have become foremost suppliers of quality bricks that can withstand the elements for many years. Therefore, you are assured of the quality of these bricks beforehand. The most commonly used brick for paving purposes features a smooth, bevelled face to create a smooth surface to walk and drive on. Our Bevel brick delivers these qualities. This brick measures 200 x 100 mm and is 50 mm thick. It is available in five different colours to match the surroundings and lend itself to multi-colour, patterned layouts.

Based on the Bevel, we are also suppliers of the Cottage brick. This paving block is 50 mm wider than the Bevel, which makes it ideal for garden walkways and covering larger areas with fewer bricks. The 50% increase in width results in a third fewer bricks required to cover a square metre in comparison to the Bevel. The Cottage weighs 3,02 kg per brick, which still makes it easy to handle when installing a concrete surface. It is intended for light- to medium-duty applications, since it is 50 mm thick. However, it has the desired durability to make it a feasible option for many paved surfaces.

The Interlock brings us to our next option in paving blocks. As suppliers of pavers, it is important to have various options for various projects. The Interlock is a sturdy and durable option, with three thicknesses available. Added to the standard 50-mm thickness of the Bevel and the Cottage, the Interlock can also be supplied in 60- and 80-mm thicknesses for a more heavy-duty brick. This brick features uniquely notched sides for better interlocking. Therefore, this brick is your ideal solution for creating surfaces on which heavier vehicles will drive and park.

MVA Bricks is your first choice in block-paving suppliers. We have a sensible selection of concrete bricks that are available in different colours as well. We also offer concrete kerbs and concrete retaining-wall bricks (CRBs) to round out our selection of concrete building materials. For more information on your first choice of paver suppliers, please browse our website for details on pallet sizes and weights.