Block Paving Pricing

We Offer Competitive Pricing on Our Paving Blocks

When looking for a supplier of block paving, you want a solution with competitive pricing and that delivers quality goods. This combination can be difficult to come by.

Luckily, MVA Bricks is your answer to both. We have a wide selection of concrete building materials that are available at competitive prices. They are also available in different colours and sizes to give you a superb choice. To go along with this selection, we offer concrete kerbs that can be used to frame a paved area.

Some of the more challenging aspects of block paving come in the form of choosing the right brick size, thickness, and colour. The brick’s size determines how many you will need to cover the specific area. Its thickness will affect the durability and functionality of the surface. The colours can be used to either match the surroundings or create patterns with two or more colours for a more aesthetically pleasing result. Therefore, we offer various choices to ensure that you can get the ideal brick – and competitive pricing.

Our Selection of Paving Blocks

Starting with the standard size and shape, we have our Bevel. This concrete paving block measures 100 x 200 mm, with a thickness of 50 mm. We offer this brick in five colours as well. It takes 50 of them to cover a square metre and we ship them at 10 m² worth of bricks per pallet. Each pallet contains 504 bricks, with the four additional bricks being included for free to cover chips and breakages. The Bevel weighs 1,92 kg per brick, making it light and easy to work with. This truly is the go-to answer for many driveways and parking lots.

If you want a paving block that can handle medium- to heavy-duty applications, our Interlock is the answer. This brick features notched sides for more secure interlocking, with a selection of 50-, 60-, and 80-mm thicknesses. It is also available in five different colours, which still grants the opportunity for creative patterns with multiple colours. The Interlock takes 48 bricks to cover a square metre, with the pallet quantity dependent on the thickness of the brick. If you want a quality brick, yet with high-value pricing, the Bevel and Interlock both provide an ideal solution.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of concrete building materials. We offer a selection of paving blocks, concrete kerbs, and concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) – and competitive pricing. For more on our available building materials, please browse our website. Choose us as your supplier today and take advantage of our quality products and competitive pricing.