Bevel Paving Made Easy

When it comes to paving, one of the popular choices for residential areas is bevel paving. The reason for its popularity is its simplicity. With various patterns and colours to implement, the possibilities of the result are completely open to the consumer or paver, as different brick colours can be worked into each other with various pattern options for a unique result. Bevel paving is very effective for surfaces where tarmac or cement is simply not an option, as most residential driveways will show that this style of paving can endure the test of time and the weight of several vehicles.

Bevel paving is simple and relatively easy to do, and the result leaves areas such as driveways and smaller parking lots with durable and solid surfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, with minimal maintenance required to ensure that the surface’s integrity remains intact. Should you be looking for a supplier of bevel paving blocks in Pretoria, MVA Bricks has a selection from which you can easily pick the ideal block for the specific surface area to not only match the block design, but also the colour. Today, we will have a closer look at some of the bevel paving options MVA Bricks can provide.


Paving Patterns and Colours

At MVA Bricks, we offer a selection of paving blocks, starting with our Bevel block. The Bevel is a 50- x 100- x 200-mm brick that has straight sides and bevelled edges for simple yet elegant brick. This brick is supplied at 10 m² per pallet, with a quantity of 50 bricks per m². The available colours give you a selection of options, from grey, plum, black, clay, and multi, giving the paver and the customer various 2-toned bevel pacing options to explore, as well as colour-matching to the environment to ensure that the finished pavement surface fits right in.

When it comes to bevel paving patterns, the possibilities are vast and easy to achieve with a small amount of effort. Obviously, the easiest pattern would be to lay these bevel paving bricks perpendicular to each other, avoiding any movement over time thanks to the 90˚ angles between the bricks that keep them locked into place. Usually, most bevel paving patterns would use a perpendicular approach, lining the bricks at a parallel angle with the paving environment, with the result being that 50% of the bricks are being lined up to face forward and the other 50% being perpendicular.

Another popular choice for bevel paving patterns would be an initial 45˚ angle for the bricks, with perpendicular bricks being laid at a 135˚-angle to form an alternative layout that is still as strong and durable as the regular pattern. The final touch would be to lay two different colours of brick rows next to each other for a fetching 2-tone look, with other colour and pattern options still available for exploration.

MVA Bricks has a selection of paving block options, including the Bevel, Twin Cobble, Interlock, and Cottage styles to choose from. For more information, feel free to browse our webpage for images and available colours, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks for your next bevel paving project and experience our quality bricks at affordable prices.