Bevel Paving Installation

Professional Concrete Bevel Paving Installation

Paving can be a challenging prospect when you are limited in choice. Since each project has its own unique challenges, it is vital to have access to different sizes, colours, and thicknesses of paving blocks.

A bevelled block is always a good choice, as it is of a standardised size and rectangular shape that is perfect for many projects. We offer such an option in our selection, with a range of colours to ensure that your installation can include 2-tone or multi-coloured patterns.

By using concrete to cast our paving blocks, as opposed to baking the bricks, we have more control to ensure the consistent density of the blocks. Therefore, they meet the quality standards for building materials, as is expected from a major supplier. Our range consists of sensible choices for different applications. We also include our Bevel, which is the standardised size and shape for most slab installations and layouts. This concrete block opens up a world of possibilities in terms of the layouts and patterns that you can create.

The Bevel Paving Block

Our selection of concrete paving blocks includes all the necessary options to ensure the installation of top-quality paving slabs at your business or home. Driveways and parking lots are only some of the many possible surfaces that can be created with our concrete blocks. Our Bevel is the starting point as an industry standard. This block is available in five colours to give you some options regarding colour matching to buildings and differently coloured patterns and layouts. The standard size of 200 x 100 mm results in an installation of 50 bricks per square metre. The Bevel ships at 10 m² of blocks per pallet.

We also offer other paving blocks based on the basic design and size of the Bevel. If you want to do an installation of a concrete slab that is more durable and suited for heavier vehicles, you use a thicker brick. Our Interlock is an ideal option for this application. The Interlock has notched sides that allow for superb interlocking between the blocks. It is also available in the standard 50-mm thickness, along with 60- and 80-mm options as well. The Interlock installs at 48 bricks per square metre.

If you are looking for a block that covers a larger area, our Cottagebrick is ideal. This block features smooth edges that can create quality concrete slabs and is suitable for specialised paving installations. The Cottage is 50 mm wider than the Bevel and is an ideal choice for creating footpaths and garden walkways to match the driveway or parking lot on the premises. It takes 33,3 bricks to cover a square metre with this brick and it ships at 10 m² of bricks per pallet.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of concrete paving blocks of different sizes and colours. We also offer a sensible selection of concrete kerbs and concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) for all your concrete building-material requirements. For more on our Bevel brick, please peruse our website. Choose us today as your supplier and enjoy a selection of blocks and colours for your next project or installation.