Barrier Kerbs

Creating An Effective Barrier with Barrier Kerbs

When it comes to kerbing, many shapes and designs are available that can be used to finish off the edges of paved surfaces such as roads, driveways, and walkways.

Kerbs are useful to hold paving bricks in place, as well as helping to channel stormwater. Mountable kerbs are flatter to allow vehicles to mount the concrete block with ease. These kerbs are perfect for suburban roads and driveways. Barrier kerbs, on the other hand, serve a different purpose.

Barrier kerbs are effective for creating a semi-submerged concrete barrier to hold paving in place. The cross-section of these blocks is a lot more rectangular and almost half of the block is submerged when it is installed, so that the kerb can effectively hold the ground in place, along with the paved surface; these semi-submerged blocks are virtually immovable and they keep a paved area properly compacted; yet, they are still high enough to assist with stormwater drainage. MVA Bricks offers a selection of barrier kerbs to meet your specific needs. Today, we will delve into detail on these concrete blocks.

Our basic Figure 10 Barrier kerb is a concrete block with a rectangular cross-section and it is 250 mm in height and 100 mm wide. These concrete-kerb blocks are available in 1000- and 330-mm lengths, the latter providing a shorter option for building curved sections without having to cut up or break the longer blocks into smaller ones. The Figure 10 is a sturdy and robust barrier kerb, weighing 57 kg in its 1000-mm length and 19 kg for the 330-mm variant. With 250 mm of height, the Figure 10 is ideal for semi-submerged installation.

If you need a wider barrier kerb, the Figure 2 concrete block is 125 mm wide and it is still an ample 250 mm high, just like the Figure 10. As a result, the weight of the 1000-mm block is 73 kg. When semi-submerged, this block is anchored very sturdily and provides the necessary barrier to deal with ground forces and keep paving intact. Our Figure 11 Garden kerb is also a barrier-kerb design that is ideal for lining garden walkways and footpaths. This block is 150 mm in height and 75 mm wide. The 1000-mm block weighs 27 kg. We also offer semi-mountable kerb variants.

We have a variety of barrier kerbs to choose from. For more information on dimensions and packaging details, please browse our website. Choose MVA Bricks as your concrete-block supplier for your next construction project and take advantage of our selection of quality paving bricks and kerbs.