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5 Location Factors to Keep in Mind When You Construct a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall has the main purpose of keeping soil behind the structure. Just consider the potential impact of a landslide because of structural failure during heavy rains, and it becomes clear why it is imperative to properly construct a retaining wall using superior quality materials as available from us. The location and purpose of […]

Retaining Wall: Why Price is Not the Most Important Factor to Consider

Retaining wall blocks are modular concrete units that are placed in a specific arrangement to create a retaining wall. The blocks are laid at angles ranging between 69 and 91 degrees to create strong structures. Applications range from cut slopes to attenuation ponds and embankments. Due to the blocks manufactured beforehand, installation is economical and […]

Why and How Precast Concrete Kerbs are Used

Kerbs are essential in urban areas to distinguish between spaces designated for vehicles and pedestrians. Though it is possible to establish a clear distinction between walking and driving areas in other ways, precast concrete kerbs make it possible to create properly defined edges. The paved walk area can be higher than the road surface if […]