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Retaining the Slopes

When it comes to road construction on mountain faces and similarly sloped surfaces, the use of concrete retaining walls is common. Driving through the Lowveld, it is clear to see why these retaining walls are so popular, as they ensure that the earth will not move and crush cars on the road, or even the […]

Interlocking Made Easy with MVA Bricks

Pavers and construction contractors usually make use of bricks that interlock for paving and when constructing retaining walls. Using this type of brick saves time and makes for strong paving and retaining wall construction, where the interlocking blocks use each other to stay in place and withstand the various loads more efficiently than regular blocks […]

Effective Retaining Walls

South Africa has challenging weather conditions, influencing the way construction contractors approach certain tasks. When building roads on slopes and steep inclines, chances are that these companies employ the use of retaining walls to keep a landslide from crashing down on the road once completed. These retaining walls can also be used for keeping sloped […]

A Concrete Paver’s Paradise

Concrete paving has always been a big part of residential and commercial construction, with various innovative and creative ways to go about paving driveways, parking lots, and similar surfaces. With a variety of shapes and colours being used for various concrete paving blocks, the sky is the limit with regards to the paving patterns and […]

Concrete Block Supplier

When it comes to supplying concrete blocks for various paving and construction purposes, MVA Bricks is at the forefront of supplying quality paving blocks, kerbs, and retaining wall blocks for the industry. Our selection covers a wide range, with our paving blocks being available is various colours, shapes, and sizes to open up a world […]

Concrete Curbs Available at MVA Bricks

Concrete curbs can be seen almost anywhere – on the side of the roads in residential areas, on the perimeters of parking lots, and almost anywhere else where paving and roads are found. Concrete curbs can also be used for various aesthetic purposes, including the linings of gardens and walkways in residential yards, public gardens, […]

Quality Paving Slabs

Paving slabs are incredibly versatile in terms of use, layout, and design, making them effective and viable options for use around your home or commercial buildings to avoid walking in mud, which comes in handy when the rains come down. These slabs can be arranged to fit perfectly against each other for a solid paving […]

Bevel Paving Made Easy

When it comes to paving, one of the popular choices for residential areas is bevel paving. The reason for its popularity is its simplicity. With various patterns and colours to implement, the possibilities of the result are completely open to the consumer or paver, as different brick colours can be worked into each other with […]

Paving Blocks and Kerbs

MVA Bricks focuses on producing quality paving blocks, kerbs, and retaining walls for brick pavers in and around Pretoria, with a couple of colour options available for our paving bricks to give our customers a variety of choices. A combination of our paving blocks and kerbs can result in aesthetically pleasing areas for driveways and […]

Retaining Walls Defined

When it comes to excavation and elevation – two subjects of paramount importance regarding construction – contractors always try to optimise both factors before laying the initial groundwork and establishing a foundation on which a new building will stand, or a new road will be lain. In areas where steep slopes and mountains define the […]