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Quality Paving Slabs

Paving slabs are incredibly versatile in terms of use, layout, and design, making them effective and viable options for use around your home or commercial buildings to avoid walking in mud, which comes in handy when the rains come down. These slabs can be arranged to fit perfectly against each other for a solid paving […]

Bevel Paving Made Easy

When it comes to paving, one of the popular choices for residential areas is bevel paving. The reason for its popularity is its simplicity. With various patterns and colours to implement, the possibilities of the result are completely open to the consumer or paver, as different brick colours can be worked into each other with […]

Paving Blocks and Kerbs

MVA Bricks focuses on producing quality paving blocks, kerbs, and retaining walls for brick pavers in and around Pretoria, with a couple of colour options available for our paving bricks to give our customers a variety of choices. A combination of our paving blocks and kerbs can result in aesthetically pleasing areas for driveways and […]

Retaining Walls Defined

When it comes to excavation and elevation – two subjects of paramount importance regarding construction – contractors always try to optimise both factors before laying the initial groundwork and establishing a foundation on which a new building will stand, or a new road will be lain. In areas where steep slopes and mountains define the […]

Interlock Blocks

Landscape elevation can be tricky, with building contractors having to identify the best location for roads and structures around difficult areas where steep slopes define the flow of the land. One of the most effective ways around this problem is to erect a concrete retaining wall to keep sloped areas from interfering with levelled-out areas […]

Concrete Blocks

When travelling on steep mountain passes, chances are that you will encounter a retaining wall along the way. These walls are usually made up of a structure of concrete blocks stacked on each other to create a clear separation between two soil levels, with the bottom level usually being the flattened piece of soil that […]

Kicked to the Kerb

Concrete kerbs are commonly used to line the sides of roads in urban and residential areas for a clear separation between the pavements and the roads. These concrete kerbs vary in shape and size, depending on the specific requirements as an outline for specific sidewalks. As a good example, you could use mountable kerbs where […]