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Providers of Paving Blocks

Paving Blocks and Their Functions Large paved surfaces can be created using paving blocks and laying them in various patterns. These blocks can be lain on moderate slopes as well and are typically used for creating driveways, walkways, and parking lots for businesses or residencies.

Retaining Wall Suppliers

We Are Suppliers of CRB Walls CRBs, or concrete retaining-wall blocks, are used in the construction of retaining walls and retention ponds. These blocks are made from concrete for maximum strength. The concrete has a very high density to prevent it from absorbing water and swelling.

Block Paving Uses

The Various Uses of Paving Blocks Paving blocks are available in a variety of shapes and colours. This opens a world of possibilities for pavers, because they can be chosen to not only suit the environment, but also match colours of buildings or adjacent paved areas. Kerbs have many uses.

Approved Concrete Pavers

Buy from The Approved Concrete Pavers It can be difficult to find approved concrete pavers for your construction projects. Such a business should have years of experience and offer a variety of paving solutions. MVA Bricks offers expertise in the field of concrete paving, brick paving, retaining-wall construction, and kerb installations.

Paving Slabs

Paving Slabs from MVA Bricks When it comes to laying paving slabs for commercial or industrial businesses, or redoing the driveway at your home, using the right paving blocks will result in quality work and a professional finish when it is complete.

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks Concrete retaining walls are commonly used in areas where elevation changes shape the landscape, with prime examples being roads on mountain passes where concrete retaining walls are necessary to keep the slope of the mountain in place and to allow for a road to safely run on the face of the […]

Concrete Kerb

The Ideal Concrete Kerb Finish When looking at paving surfaces, you will often find concrete kerbs along the edges of the surfaces, keeping the paving in place and rounding off the overall look of the paved area.

Concrete Curb

Concrete Curbs for Sale Paving projects usually include curbing to finish off the paving area, whether it is a parking lot, walkway, or driveway that needs rounding off. Concrete is used to manufacture these curbs to ensure their lifespan and durability and that they will last for years to come, giving you the confidence to […]

Block Paving

Paving blocks are commonly used to create driving and walking surfaces in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Whether it is the parking lot outside your office building or the driveway at home, block paving offers viable solutions for durable and sturdy surface areas in almost any location.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete has been an ideal casting material for construction purposes since its introduction, with good density to resist erosion, making for strong and versatile solutions for various uses in the industrial and commercial sectors.