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Your Quick Guide to Retaining Walls: Basics and Benefits

A retaining wall is a structure that’s made from concrete blocks. As the name suggests, it serves to stabilise soil from a higher-lying area and prevents movement of the soil onto the lower-lying area. It can also act as an aesthetically pleasing planting space that enables you to maximise the space usage for greening purposes.

Retaining Wall Blocks for Your Garden: What to Know

Retaining wall blocks are superb for holding soil back from a higher-lying area, keeping a slope from eroding, creating vertical planting spaces, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your garden, and improving garden functionality with terraces instead of slopes.

Concrete Blocks for Paving: Top Reasons to Love Them

It has been a while since you’ve properly paved your driveway, patio, entertainment area, central outdoor mall space, parking lot or estate road. At this stage, you wish you went with segmented concrete blocks, specifically designed and made to last longer.

How Precast Concrete Kerbs Help You Save Time and Money

The concrete kerb is an exceptionally important, yet often overlooked element of the city landscape. As one of the leading suppliers of concrete products, ranging from paving bricks to retaining wall blocks and kerb edges, MVA Bricks in Pretoria offers clients superior quality products and equally impressive service delivery.