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It can be difficult to find approved concrete pavers for your construction projects. Such a business should have years of experience and offer a variety of paving solutions. MVA Bricks offers expertise in the field of concrete paving, brick paving, retaining-wall construction, and kerb installations.

We also offer a variety of paving blocks, kerbs, and CRBs to choose from. Our comprehensive approach to paving and kerbing solutions will ensure that, for your next construction project, you have all the necessary building materials and expertise for the best results.


Every environment poses its own set of challenges when it comes to surface paving. Whether the terrain is naturally sloped or needs a retaining wall for support, MVA Bricks can deliver. As approved concrete pavers, we have the necessary knowledge and experience for large projects. Brick paving can be done in a variety of patterns and colours to match their environment. This style of paving is ideal for driveways, walkways, and parking lots in residential and commercial areas. Concrete kerbs can be used to form edges for brick paving. Today we will focus on our selection of kerbs and look at our various options regarding concrete paving.


The function of kerbs is more than just serving as a clear outline for roads and paved areas in general. The shape of the kerb also determines its water-drainage ability. It should also be chosen to match and complement its immediate environment. Being approved concrete pavers, we offer a spectrum of kerbs to suit all the typical requirements of kerbing. Our selection begins with barrier kerbs. These concrete blocks are shaped to form a barrier to promote water drainage and channelling.


The Figure 10 barrier kerb has a rectangular design that is 250 mm tall and 100 mm wide. This barrier kerb is available in 1000- and 330-mm lengths. This eliminates the need for cutting the 1000-mm concrete blocks to fit smaller radii. The 1000-mm kerb weighs 57 kg per block and they ship at 20 blocks per pallet. We also offer the Figure 2 kerb, which increases the width of the block to 125 mm for an even more robust solution.


In addition, we offer mountable and semi-mountable kerbs for concrete paving. These kerbs are SABS approved for quality assurance and to give you the peace of mind that the blocks will be strong and durable. The mountable kerb has a sloped top to allow for easy mounting of vehicles. These concrete blocks can also be used alongside walkways. Our figure 8a kerb has a highly mountable shape that is 150 mm tall and 300 mm wide. The 1000-mm variant weighs 73 kg per block and ships at 12 blocks per pallet. This kerb is also available in a 330-mm length for curved sections.


We are your trustworthy choice when it comes to approved concrete pavers. If you need more information on our concrete and brick blocks for paving, please browse our website for images and specifications. Choose MVA Bricks today and let us deliver the necessary solutions in terms of paving, kerbing, and concrete retaining walls.