7 Advantages of Using Bevel and Other Types of Paving Bricks

Paving bricks are used in the creation of segmented walk and drive areas. The bricks are also called pavers. A wide range of sizes, types, and styles are available. We offer Twin Cobble, Bevel, Cottage, uBuntuCobble, and interlock derivatives. A closer look at the advantages of pavers such as the Bevel or Cottage gives insight as to why so many developers, construction companies, and homeowners prefer the Bevel, Twin Cobble, and Interlock pavers, rather than opting for other types of walk or drive surfaces.

  • Slip-resistant surfaces. Regardless of whether you install the Bevel or Cottage paving bricks, both are slip-resistant. With workplace accidents often associated with slippery surfaces, their non-slip characteristics are certainly not an advantage to overlook. The slip-resistance is also important to prevent vehicle accidents in wet parking areas. Bevel and other paving bricks are thus installed where it is essential to create non-slip drive or walk areas.
  • Colour characteristics. Concrete pavers retain their colour for a long time. This fade-resistance is essential for outdoor surfaces. The colour looks natural and you don’t have to apply colour coatings; as such, the pavers don’t require maintenance to keep their lustre.
  • Durable surfaces. Paving bricks are exceptionally strong and thus able to bear tremendous weights. Being durable means the pavers retain their shape, colour, and slip-resistance for years. Considering the cost of landscaping, road-infrastructure development, and walkway construction, it is imperative to use materials that last. The durability of the blocks adds to their sustainability. Businesses and human settlements need to reduce their environmental impact. The Bevel and other types of paving bricks are thus suitable materials to reduce the need to replace surfaces every few years.
  • Location integrity. Unlike concrete that can crack because of underlying soil movement over time, the pavers maintain their original shape. This is so because the need for cement between the blocks is eliminated. There is thus enough space between the blocks to allow for some movement without causing the bricks to crack.
  • Quick and cost-effective installation. Installation is faster than with many other types of surfaces. The Bevel paving bricks can be laid regardless of whether it is a hot summer’s day or the middle of the winter. The quick and straightforward installation also means lower labour costs. With such cost-savings, it is possible to pave large areas cost-effectively.
  • Low maintenance. With no need to coat the pavers every few years, the maintenance cost is kept low. In addition, should part of the surface be damaged, the section can be replaced without having to replace the entire paved area. Most paved surfaces require only pressure washing to maintain their neat appearance.
  • Customisation. We offer several colours in most of the styles. You can thus create one-of-a-kind patterns with ease or use different colours to demarcate specific areas for a particular use. You can select the colour that best suits the environment where the pavers are installed.

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