5 Incredible Advantages of Bevel Paving for Home Use

Create stunning layouts with bevel paving for your driveway or outdoor spaces. When it comes to hardscape projects, brick pavers are a great option and are low on maintenance.

It’s never been easier or more fun to create gorgeous layouts with a firm surface that is less expensive than concrete or asphalt. Specialists recommend using these durable bevel pavers around your pond and exterior parking areas to create attractive surfaces that are built to last.

Many types of pavers are available on the market. Bevel pavers are a specific type, well-suited for residential applications. Read on to discover why bevel paving is the go-to surface option for driveways, landscaped areas, and entertainment spaces.

  1. Slip-Resistant Pool Area Surface for a Safer Relaxation Environment

Having grass right up to the edge of the swimming pool makes it difficult to keep grass from ending up in the water when you mow the lawn. The solution is to create a boundary surface around the pool. However, the choice of surface material is important as you don’t want it to become slippery. Brick pavers have a slightly rough textured surface, giving them suitable slip resistance. With this feature, these pavers are perfect for areas where a slip-and-fall risk exists. Create a safer, cleaner and more attractive area around your swimming pool with bevel paving.

  1. Skid-Resistant Drive Surface for Improved Safety

This brings us to another area where it is important to have a surface that prevents slipping and sliding – the driveway or parking area. Many homes feature sloped driveways, making it difficult to get uphill to the garage or parking area during wet conditions. Once again, brick pavers are the answer. Even during dry conditions, you want a surface that provides traction. Because of their texture, these blocks give adequate traction support to prevent skidding in dry and wet conditions.

  1. Keeps Its Colour for Long-Lasting Beauty

You don’t want to resurface landscaped surfaces every two or three years. If the colour fades, you have to re-coat to keep the aesthetic appeal of the surface. Unlike many other types of materials, which lose their colour brilliance within a few months of sun exposure, bevel paving blocks retain their colour for years. These pavers have excellent colour-stay features even when exposed to harsh sunlight, wind and other weather elements. The colour is consistent throughout the paver block because of the manufacturing process followed. The pigments form part of the structure and are not coated onto the pavers. This gives the lasting colour stay feature, helping you to reduce the cost of maintenance.

  1. Exceptional Strength and Optimal Durability for the Low Cost of Ownership

Any addition you make to your home comes with a price. If poor quality material is used, you can expect the end-product to show it, and the lifespan of the product will be short. With the superb durability of these bevel paving blocks, you can have surfaces that will last for years. This implies low cost of ownership over the lifespan of the surface. The strength of the pavers adds to their longevity. These can handle high traffic volumes and feature exceptional load-carrying capacity.

  1. Low Maintenance for More Time Off and Lower Cost

You don’t want to spend your off-work days maintaining the driveway, area around the pond, the swimming pool entertainment area, and the likes. To this end, choose surface material, requiring little to no maintenance. With these surfaces, a sweep is all you need to remove sand and debris from the surface. Wash down the driveway with the hose once a week, and you’re done. You don’t have to re-coat the surface or polish it to maintain its beauty.

In Conclusion

Bevel paving for residential applications holds several advantages, including slip and skid resistance, low maintenance, durability, colour-stay and exceptional strength. Don’t settle for less than the best.  Visit our product page for pictures and information on the quality pavers we supply throughout Gauteng.