4 Reasons to Choose Interlock Bricks for Outdoor Surfaces

As the name suggests, interlock bricks are paving blocks designed to allow for securing the pavers without the need for cement or another type of mix to stabilise and prevent the pavers from moving.

Apart from the time savings associated with the usage of interlock bricks for paving, did you know paving holds several environmental benefits? Read on to discover how the installation of paving, specifically using interlocking bricks, can help your company improve its sustainability profile. You’ll also learn why it’s the ideal choice for residential, estate, and retail settings. Here we explore some key benefits.

  1. Product Consistency

The interlock bricks are manufactured according to a set range of standards. With moulds of the same size, a production line and quality controls in place, you have products featuring the same characteristics, mix and strength. Consistency in load-bearing capacity, size, shape and appearance help to create a better looking drive, walk or entertainment surface. Apart from neatness, product consistency helps to reduce the time it takes to install the pavers. It also makes the surface project cost projection easier.

With the paving blocks already made and dried at the factory, you don’t have the risk of product failure due to inconsistent mixes or concrete mixes that haven’t dried and cured properly.

  1. Reduced Maintenance

A solid surface like a tarred or concrete road requires more upkeep than the interlock bricks. If a pothole develops on a tarred surface, it becomes bigger and deeper with time, especially during heavy rains. If the surface area has many potholes, you have no choice but to tar the entire section again. This is costly and resource-intensive. With pavers, should one be damaged, it’s a question of removing it and then replacing the particular one. Apart from the occasional wash-down with water, these surfaces require little maintenance. Replacing a single brick or a section can be done quickly without heavy machinery and with minimal resources, adding to the environment friendly profile of these pavers. Fixing individual, localised areas is also a simple feat.

  1. Non-Slip Surfaces

Far too many accidents happen in parking lots that feature smooth surfaces. With the textured surfaces of these pavers, the risk of vehicle accidents related to wet surface slides is significantly reduced. The non-slip surface also helps where vehicles must get up a steep driveway. Furthermore, pavers around the pool help to reduce slip and fall incidents.

  1. Add Kerb Appeal

What looks better? A gravel parking lot or a neatly paved surface? The latter wins hands-down, even against a concrete or asphalt surface. If you want to increase the value of your residential property or want to improve the attractiveness of a community shopping centre, install quality interlock bricks.

Where to Buy Them

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